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Elephantito - Alex Drivers - blue

Elephantito - Alex Drivers - blue

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Introducing the Alex Driver, the perfect combination of sporty comfort and polished chic for your little boy! Our designers have seamlessly merged the comfort of driving shoes with the sophistication of penny loafers to create a truly versatile shoe that your child will love.

Crafted using only premium leather, these shoes are made to last. They are fully lined with natural sheepskin, providing softness, protection and absorption, ensuring that your child's feet stay comfortable and dry all day long. The outsole is made of rubber, which is not only lightweight and flexible, but also durable, meaning that these shoes will stand the test of time.

Our insoles are also specially constructed to provide support and cushioning. They are made from recycled leather sheet, and are wrapped in a layer of soft natural leather. The thick layer of Bontex adds extra cushioning and absorption, making these shoes perfect for your child's active lifestyle.

The Alex Driver also features a diamond-shaped cutout on the upper and the contrasting hand-sewn stitching add a touch of style, making these shoes perfect for any occasion.

In summary, the Alex Driver is not only stylish, but also durable and comfortable. Give your child the gift of versatile shoes that will keep up with their active lifestyle. Order yours today!

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